Sideshow 13

It was Bethany’s turn to get out and about on May 26th, and she went to Sideshow 13 at the Old Yellow Cab Building.

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Sideshow 13 is almost here!

May 25-26, 2018

Old Yellow Cab Building
700 East 4th Street

Admission is free, and donations to support the event are accepted.

Come see a variety of art installations, expressions, paintings, sculptures, etc.

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Crafty Con 2018 is Coming Soon!

Some of our favorite events are coming up! Don’t miss them this year! Here is the information along with some of our favorite photos from previous years.

Crafty Con
Friday April 6, 2018 5-10 PM

The lure of hand crafted items is enough to get Dayton Unknown to come out. If it’s not enough for you, Crafty Con is also a fundraiser to raise money for Sideshow, a free celebration of the art and music scene in the Dayton area.

A lot of our favorite vendors from years past will be there again:

Dayton Unknown Spotlight: Laurana Wong

Back in October, we hosted the Dayton Unknown Fall Scavenger Hunt at Wegerzyn Gardens. It was a beautiful fall day, and we had some great submissions from our participants. We awarded two prizes, one of which is a feature story here on the blog. Our winner of this prize is Laurana Wong – an incredibly fascinating character.
We came up with fifteen questions we thought would truly showcase Laurana’s personality and told her that she could pick and choose which questions to answer. In true Laurana form, she decided to answer all of them! We hope you enjoy learning about her as much as we did!

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