The Yellow Spring

What exactly causes the Yellow Spring to be yellow? In a nutshell, iron.

A spring is defined as water overflowing from an aquifer. In this particular spring, the water underground is clear, but turns yellow when it hits the air. The iron in the water becomes rust when exposed to air, and turns into the well-known yellowish orange color that gave Yellow Springs its name. Experts theorize the water may run through an iron deposit underground (called a vugg) or the geology of the area could just contain excess iron.

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Gem City Made Craft Show

We visited the Gem City Made craft show on May 5th, held at the Beavercreek Nazarene Church. There were a ton of vendors, with amazing handmade products from glasswork and woodwork to jewelry and bags, to pet accessories, wreaths, and crochet!

This year was only the second year for Gem City Made, but Beavercreek Nazarene has been holding a Holiday Bazaar every November for over 25 years! We’ll make sure to post details about the Holiday Bazaar before the event in early November.

During the event, we made sure to visit every booth, and we saw a few familiar faces, but met a lot of great new vendors.

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World A’Fair is Coming!

The World A’Fair is a three-day international festival including food, dancing, music, and cultural exhibits. This year there will be 34 booths, representing countries from all over the world. The theme this year will be Ethnic Attire.


Friday, May 18th: 5pm-11pm
Saturday, May 19th: 11am-11pm
Sunday, May 20th 11am-6pm


Dayton Convention Center, 22 E Fifth Street, Dayton 45402

Here are some pictures from previous years!

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