Spooky Spectacular Dayton

We had an absolute blast at Spooky Spectacular Dayton on Friday, October 4th! We got to see all of the fantastic items from all of the vendors and we hosted our Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Check out the pictures below!

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“Black Magic” Threats

It wasn’t a normal day of business January 30, 2018 when Dayton police responded to “black magic” or “Voodoo” threats at Honeywell First Responder Products on Innovation Court.

Two workers at Honeywell found threatening notes on their desks. In total, five notes had been left around their work stations throughout that day, making statements and allegations about the male and female victims that they claimed were untrue. These were not the first threats, as both the male and female described receiving nasty text messages in April and September 2017, from an unknown number. The notes left around the workstation threatened to make the man sick, and that he should not waste his time consulting a doctor when it happens.

Additionally, salt was spread across the male’s desk, with crosses and faces imprinted in the salt. Two eggs had been left on the desk as well, with crosses drawn on them. Other employees have reported receiving threats via text or notes as well.

This case mirrors one from 1976 in Circleville, Ohio. A bus driver named Mary Gillespie started receiving threatening letters accusing her of having an affair with the superintendent of schools. Mary vehemently denied the accusation, but the letters continued and even escalated to the point of Mary’s life being at risk, her husband dying, and the wrong man being convicted of the letter writing.

Unsolved Mysteries aired an episode covering this case and right before it aired, they received a letter threatening them if they aired the case, stating:

Forget Circleville Ohio: If You Come to Ohio You El Sickos Will Pay.

Signed, The Circleville Writer

In both cases, there are no leads and the mystery remains.

Spooky Spectacular Dayton is tonight!

Spooky Spectacular Dayton is tonight! Dayton Unknown will be there hosting our Photo Scavenger Hunt during the event!

Check out our post and the list of Vendors for more details!

Yellow Cab Building
700 East 4th Street
Dayton 45402

Friday, October 4th, 5-10 PM

Admission is free and the event is open to all ages, but please be advised that some content may not be suitable for younger guests! The first 25 guests to make a purchase will receive swag bags featuring items from many of the vendors attending the show.

This Day in History – September 22nd, 1942

On September 22, 1942, Tony Stein enlisted in the Marine Corps. Tony graduated from Kiser High School in 1939 and worked for General Motors in the Delco Division before enlisting.

As Dayton’s only WWII Congressional Medal of Honor Winner, Tony earned the honor by his heroic actions during the Battle of Iwo Jima. While in battle, Tony went from one enemy pillbox to the next, killing 20 enemy soldiers. His gun was shot out of his hands not once, but twice. When Tony ran out of ammunition, he ran back to the beach for more, carrying a wounded fellow soldier with him. Tony removed his shoes and helmet to help him move quicker. When Tony dropped the soldier off at the beach, he grabbed ammo and ran back into action, dropped off the ammo, then returned with another injured soldier. Tony repeated this cycle many times, ultimately rescuing eight soldiers. The Marine Corps still honors him through the Tony Stein Workout.

Tony died on March 1, 1945. He was killed after volunteering to locate enemy machine gun placements that pinned down his company at Mount Suribachi. Tony was buried with honors in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton.

For the full story, check out our story Tony Stein – Dayton’s Superhero.

Let’s get Spooky!

Dayton Unknown will be joining Spooky Spectacular on October 4th for a spooky-themed photo scavenger hunt at a spooky-themed craft show!

What is a photo scavenger hunt?

A photo scavenger hunt is essentially a scavenger hunt that involves taking photos instead of finding objects. Every group or contestant will receive a list of prompts to encourage creativity and exploration of the area.

Dayton Unknown will be at the entrance to the event to pass out information and goodies. Make sure you come see us!

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Raise Your Brush – Dayton Skyline

This past Tuesday, we attended the Dayton Skyline fundraiser at Raise Your Brush in Centerville, which was a fundraiser for the Oregon District Tragedy Fund!

Sara’s painting is a view from the north, looking south at downtown, with the river in the foreground, while Bethany’s is a view from the south, looking north at downtown – approximately from the Woodland Cemetery perspective, with trees in the foreground.

We had such a great time, and love our paintings. Raise Your Brush was able to raise over $1,000 to donate to such a great cause.

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This Day in History – August 29th, 1876

On August 29, 1876, Charles F. Kettering was born in a farmhouse near Loudonville, Ohio. After graduating high school, Kettering taught at rural schools to save for college tuition. He enrolled at the College of Wooster but had to drop out due to problems with his eyesight. He returned to teaching until he enrolled at Ohio State University, but again he had to drop out due to his eyesight. After a brief stint as a lineman, Kettering returned to Ohio State, this time graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical and electrical engineering.

As an engineer, Kettering invented an electric cash register that eliminated the need for a hand crank, developed the first self-starting auto ignition system, and organized the Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company (Delco). Kettering had more than 140 patents.

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Raise Your Brush Dayton Skyline Fundraiser

Raise Your Brush in Centerville is hosting a fundraiser for the Dayton Oregon District Tragedy Fund with a painting of the Dayton skyline!


Source: Raise Your Brush

Unfortunately, the event is sold out at this time, but there is a Waiting List you can sign up for!

What: Raise Your Brush Dayton Skyline Fundraiser
Where: 169 North Main Street, Centerville, OH 45459
When: Tuesday, September 3rd at 7pm

For more information, check out the event on Raise Your Brush’s website.