Lib Hedges

Everyone knew about Pearl Street in Dayton’s Red Light District, but nobody admitted so.

“Most of the houses were ornately trimmed; each had the name of the proprietor, a single woman posted in the door glass or permanently etched there, and at night, in the window on a table sat a red lamp, spreading its cheery invitation to all.  Within the houses many women followed a profession dignified only by its extreme age.”

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The Man who Danced his Way to the Noose

Sunday, February 16, 1863 – The body of farmer George Lindemuth is found by a pedestrian taking a short cut. His throat had been slashed from ear to ear, and he had been robbed of all valuables.

Police learned that two days prior, Lindemuth had been seen in the company of John W. Dobbins, a well-known troublemaker in the area. Lindemuth had come to Dayton to sell some of his tobacco crop and decided to stay and have some fun before he returned to his farm. He met with Dobbins in a saloon and the two made their rounds in Dayton’s saloons and bars. One bartender reported seeing Lindemuth count his money and remark that he had just over $40 cash. He then asked Dobbins to go with him to the riverbank, where a house of ill-repute was operating. Lindemuth and Dobbins were seen walking toward Water Street (now Monument Avenue) and Jefferson Street.

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Dayton Crafty-Con 2016

Love hand-crafted items? Crafty-Con is just the place! From handmade soaps to painted wine glasses, you will find something you like.

If a craft show isn’t enough of a draw, it’s also a fundraising event for Sideshow, a free celebration of the art and music scene in Dayton. It’s not a commercial event; no price tags will be on these pieces. Since this is a non-profit event, artists are asked to help with setup and tear down of the event.

“The Sideshow is a community driven event. We are a diverse group of individuals who wish to express ourselves to the Dayton Metro area. There will be no monetary gain from this endeavor. The gains will be found in personal growth and human connection. The show will be supported solely by members of our community.” – Laurana Wong, Sideshow Originator

Check out the website for more information about Sideshow!

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